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Summation Research announces availability of advanced communications modem

Melbourne, Fla, January 10, 2005 - Summation Research, Inc., a provider of advanced equipment for data communications, wireless, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), satellite and terrestrial telemetry and test equipment markets, today announced the release of their latest advanced communications product, the UCP-4000 Universal Communications Processor. The unit is designed to address a variety of satellite and terrestrial communications and telemetry applications.

The UCP-4000 is a latest-generation Digital Signal Processing solution for high-speed, multi-function communications requirements. With fully programmable digital logic, the product can be utilized to solve a wide variety of communications applications, including encoding, modulation, demodulation, clock recovery, and data decoding/processing. The unit is designed in accordance with IEEE P1386 standards for the Common Mezzanine Card Family, making the UCP-4000 is an ideal daughter card arrangement for user designed main cards, including PCI, Compact PCI, VME and other form factors.

A set of off-the-shelf user-loadable software elements allows the product to be configured for either a versatile encoding vector modulation system, or a multi-waveform demodulating/decoding processor. Modulation formats supported for either transmit or receive functions include analog PM, AM or FM, digital PM, ASK, FSK, or PSK (B, Q, OQ, AQ, and UQ), and complex (multi-modulation mode) waveforms. Analog bandwidths of up to 20 MHz and digital data rates from 50 bps to 20 Mbps can be supported in the UCP-4000. Transmit processing supports spectral purity rivaling expensive analog solutions. Ongoing design enhancements are currently in process to expand the capabilities up to 40 Mbps data rates.

“Summation Research is pleased to introduce the advanced capabilities and reliability of the UCP-4000”, said Tom Drago, Vice President of Business Operations at Summation Research. “The flexibility of the 4000 allows it to provide transmit or receive communication functions compatible with legacy waveforms dating from the 1960’s to the next generation formats of the 21st century.”

Beyond the standard software, custom processing algorithms can also be readily added, supporting such features as spread-spectrum, alternate coding algorithms, complex modulation formats, and so forth. SRI technical staff has the experience, knowledge base, and development tools required to address even the most unique and complex of end-user requirement.


About Summation Research:

Summation Research, Inc (SRI) is an engineering and manufacturing company providing high quality, technically appropriate solutions and products for communications and test applications. SRI addresses government and commercial markets, offering growth and profit opportunities for suppliers needing budget and schedule efficiencies when producing high technology solutions. SRI’s engineering capabilities cover a wide range of expertise and address challenges requiring RF, analog, digital, firmware, or software solutions. Learn more about SRI at





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